"Lorrie Singer and Bradley Kopp make the sort of music that’s the bedrock of the American folk scene, and they make it well.…“America Walking By” is a powerful state of the nation lament and “Uncle Ben’s House” genuinely angry about the plight of the American working man….Kopp’s guitar playing is effortlessly classy, never flash or overloud and Singer’s vocals are warm and emotional.  (Jeremy Searle, AmericanaUK)

“… “A deep oasis” The perfect synergy between the guitarist, Bradley Kopp and the great singing talent of Lorrie Singer is there again, in the 13 songs on this beautiful album….Stylistically, there is country rock and country ballads on this beautiful record and the gorgeous voice of Lorrie Singer is as heavenly as ever. … we remember mostly the opening song ‘Radio car’ and the heavily swinging rockers, ‘Uncle Ben’s house’ and ‘Where’d all the money go’ With Joel Guzman on accordion. We should also mention the beautifully sung ballads ‘Cowgirl souvenir’ , Savage ways of man’ and ‘The easy part’…. The couples doing their ‘thing’ together in show business are countable on one hand. Brad and Lorrie are compared in the press to Buddy and Julie Miller, Steve Earle and Allison Moorer. Great company if you ask us. “A deep oasis” is a beautiful record, that hopefully makes this duo as strong in the spotlight as the other 2 couples.  (Freddy Celis, ROOTSTIME.BE)

Bradley Kopp, a notable Austin producer and songwriter, and erstwhile partner Lorrie Singer are a compatible pair, possessing the sort of synergy and savvy that’s branded every successful boy-girl combination from Loretta and Conway, up through Johnny and June and Gram and Emmylou. Like those forebears, they glean from a rich rootsy precedent, all back porch rambles and sweet, swaying sentiment…. the basic strengths of this set lie in Singer and Kopp’s traded vocals and the effortless rapport they maintain throughout. The down home sentiments are easy but assured and clearly come naturally, but the songwriting stands out as well, particularly the beautiful ballads “Cowgirl Souvenir,” “America Walking By” and “The Savage Ways of Man.” Obviously Kopp ought to get out from behind the board more often, because when he does, the results are as superb as they are satisifying. 
(Lee Zimmerman, NO DEPRESSION)

Without knowing the album "A Deep Oasis" by Lorrie Singer and Bradley Kopp, I immediately put it on to listen, It is not unlike the albums of Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez. But unlike Taylor, we are not faced with the question of a master and his protégé. Kopp and Singer are in fact in real life a couple.
Kopp decided to take the plunge with his "flame" to put this album on the map. Veteren Kopp earned his spurs as lead guitarist with numerous bands and sometimes played in six of them simultaneously. His most famous move was when he started playing keys in the band of Eliza Gilkyson. Only in the late nineties, did he make a switch to producer and engineer in the music scene. He has played in the Panhandle, Boulder, Colorado and Austin.  Between the originals on this album, there are also plenty of covers, like the remarkable choice of "Rich Man's Life by Krista Detor. Plus "Cain's Blood" and the more familiar 'Breakfast in Bed'. In a number of the compositions, they are writing with Iain Matthews who recently starred in his reformed Matthews Southern Comfort. Matthews is also credited along with Singer and Kopp for the production of this album.   But his relationship with the couple continues, as we read in the liner notes of Matthews. They have already been friends for some fifteen years , so it was a logical choice for everyone to work together on this album.
It is high time that more people heard about this duo, rather than just a small group of connoisseurs from the Americana genre.  "Radio car" would be best a modest success in the specialized charts.  (Joost's Muziek Wordpress blog)

"thank you for making such a fine record..." 
(Barry Marshall-Everitt, House of Mercy Radio. London UK)

"a fantastic duo offering so good songs, wonderful vocals and arrangements ...and there is such a good band behind them ..there is not a weak song on this album so it has been a real headache to select a reasonnable number of songs to be aired..." 
(Mike the Frenchy, ISA radio, Grenoble France)

"Lorrie and Bradley struck gold on this collection of songs for their new cd, A Deep Oasis. Great songs, great vocals, great playing....this all adds up to a great listen".
(Lloyd Maines, Producer, Artist)

“Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Kopp have recorded another one of their own – and it was worth the wait. “A Deep Oasis” is a haunting blend of soul, pop, folk and country, [co] produced by Iain Matthews…. and the resulting work is among the best any of the three has ever created.”  
(“Dr. Dave” Stratton, WQBR 99.9fm, PA)

“Whether singing solo or harmonizing, Singer and Kopp’s vocals fit like hand and glove. Add this to wonderful arrangements, stellar guitar playing, clever lyrics and a first rate group of side-men, all roads lead to one great project!”
(Tom Tranchilla, Songwriter’s Studio Radio Show , KPFT 90.1, Houston, TX)

“This record resonates. The words dig in and the hooks are undeniable. It’s a great record and can hold its own with any in the genre. It is truly “a deep oasis”
(Iain Matthews)

“A Deep Oasis is that rare thing: a long-gestating labor of love that is also an accessible work of art”
(John T. Davis, Freelance Writer)

"It is a great CD. It made my latest FAR pick and is on our Rte66 chart. The record had appeal the first listen, but really grown on you after repeated listens. I like the subtle blues guitar style mixed throughout the roots music - a very nice blend and well played."
(Brian Bourgoin WCNI Music Director and host of the Twisted Roots Show)