From the recording A Deep Oasis

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Bradley put it best just recently: "We wrote that song after we got our economic stimulus check back during the Bush Administration. We could have paid down some credit card debt or started a savings account but we did our patriotic duty and went to Sam's Club and bought a big flat-screen TV and then wrote a song about consumerism!" ls

"Imagine all you ever wanted was yours for free"
said the voice coming out of your big flat-screen tv.
Well come on down, or be the next to call
then sign on the dotted line and you can have it all.

It's the critical condition of the world today:
all of the things we believe we need and the price we pay.
But nobody sees our legacy
when we finally reach the end of the lifetime guarantee

It's an age of confusion
and everyone is looking for a Way
in a world of illusion
we're creating every day

If I'm just living for the dollar I won't live long
How can something be alright when it feels so wrong?
I'll never be another spoke in your wheel
and nobody's gonna tell me how I'm supposed to feel.