From the recording A Deep Oasis

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This one's really about me and my Texas roots. "Home" is all about the place that makes your heart feel safe and at peace. Sometimes life can get so hectic it's easier to tell where we're not at home than where we are. ls

Memories that run free, life in the country,
Fields green and endless as the wide Texas sky
Growing up fearless, carefree and careless
Having the time of our lives.

Crushed by the city, this place has no pity.
Held to a notion, tied to a dream.
Now when I glance back at this life on the fast track
The truth, it cuts deep and cuts clean.

Oh, I still remember days
Days filled with honey,when the home fires glowed
In my heart, til the last dying ember.
This cowgirl knows when it's over.
This cowgirl knows when to go.

Postcards and cell phones, I long for the bare bones
And threads of the good life that I held so dear.
Was I just haunted by all that I wanted?
How do I get there from here?


Strip away the veneer, there's a cowgirl in here,
Driven by passion, playing by ear,
Who packed her suitcases with wide open spaces.
Now she's dusting them off like an old souvenir.