1. The Easy Part

From the recording A Deep Oasis

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There's nothing easy about facing down The Big C, but I watched Bradley do it and come out the other side. I'm so proud of him and love him so much that I wrote this song about it. ls

Trouble's found us, it surrounds us
Dark clouds block out our sky
Not the first time, not the first climb
That we've made together in this life

Long ago, I think I knew
Someday I would stand by you
Now we stand, your hand still in mine

And I know you - I've always known you
And I've held you close from the start
I'll always be - the one you see
When you walk that path through your heart
That's The Easy Part

Set aside good days of childhood
When did fear fill our eyes
Lonesome warriors, guarding borders,
Some we never leave behind

If I could go back in time,
Be the person in my mind
Would I get it right this time?


So we set our sights on our horizons
They still seems pretty far
The deep oasis that I crave is
Any place you are

May all the tears that fill our eyes
Be tears from laughing till we cry
And every day, sunny skies