1. Radio Car

From the recording A Deep Oasis

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When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and evacuees filled the Austin Convention Center, I volunteered and sorted the toys that were donated. Here I met Ashton Williams who was 7 years old. Someone had left a grocery bag there for him, and I was the one there when he stopped by later. The look on his face when he peered inside that bag and saw 2 brand new radio operated cars was priceless, and is still with me. I told Bradley about it, and we wrote this song. ls

Ashton's got a radio car
Ashton's got a radio car
May not get him very far,
But Ashton's got a radio car.

Water came in our front door.
Mama said we can't stay here no more.
Grab all the food that you can find,
Just leave everything else behind.

Never seen a roof so tall.
A thousand beds in the meeting hall.
Babies crying all night long
Big screen tv's always on.

Rain came down, water came in.
We may never get home again.
Some were warned, some stayed on,
Long after the levee's gone.

Wish I could take my mama back home.
I'd drive right past the Superdome.
Eat my mama's rice and beans
When I get back to New Orleans.

Radio car goes zoom, zoom, zoom.
Drive it across this big ol' room.
Drive all night, drive all day,
Drive my mama's blues away.

Ashton's got a radio car.
Ashton's got a radio car.