From the recording A Deep Oasis

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Years ago while watching the news after the bombing of Baghdad, I saw an image on the screen of a father and son in that city standing outside their back door, while the mom stood in the doorway, all looking down together into the bombed-out pit that now occupied most of their small back yard. The image was so compelling, because they could have just as easily been an American family here in The States doing the same thing. They didn't know what to do. They hadn't caused this thing. It hurt my heart to think that they would never know that there are people over here who don't want to hurt them - who also live simple lives, love their families, and wish only to see their children grow up safe and free. ls

Halfway round the world, in another country,
In a wartorn city with an unfamiliar name..
Down an empty hall, and through an open doorway,
Sitting at the table he's about to go insane.

Through a shattered window, in an empty garden
He sees the rocks and ruin, where children used to play
One heart is grieving, two hands are trembling,
Two lips are stumbling over words they can not say.

While the fool inside my head, dreams her crazy dreams
Cries at misery and takes it all to heart
Screaming too be heard she cannot understand
The savage ways of man

I'm just one voice wailing in the darkness
Wanting to awaken to see it’s all been changed
Just one tiny prayer, drifting from the silence,
for a calmer world where we can raise our children

In my dream, there’s a land of plenty
Stretching on forever with room for everyone
Where nothing's torn or broken and one suffers hunger
There's perfect understanding without a single word