From the recording A Deep Oasis

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Iain Matthews came to us one day and said the idea for this chorus had been swimming around in his head for a few days. So we sat down in the studio and built this song from the ground up. It will always remind me of 10 special days when Iain was here in Texas with us. ls

I'm not trying to hold back time
Or slip through the eye of a needle
I am yours like you are mine
We're just everyday people

Don't close your eyes, don't turn the key
Don't lock your love away from me
Let your heart believe in things you cannot see


When we're finally face to face
I gaze upon uncommon grace
Watch the pieces all fall into place


Why can't you let me in
Why can't you hear me callin' - callin'

Now you see me now you don't
But I'm not really leaving
You think I'll just give up hope but I won't