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             LATEST RELEASE!


           Our most recent cd, A DEEP OASIS,
           co-produced with Iain Matthews,
           features 9 new songs we've written
           and a few more we didn't.

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Friday, February 27th
Saxon Pub at Austin Bergstrom Airport
3 - 5 pm

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“Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Kopp have recorded another one of their own – and it was worth the wait. “A Deep Oasis” is a haunting blend of soul, pop, folk and country, [co] produced by Iain Matthews…. and the resulting work is among the best any of the three has ever created.”
“Dr. Dave” Stratton, WQBR 99.9fm, PA

"Lorrie and Bradley struck gold on this collection of songs for their new cd, A Deep Oasis. Great songs, great vocals, great playing....this all adds up to a great listen".
Lloyd Maines

“Whether singing solo or harmonizing, Singer and Kopp’s vocals fit like hand and glove. Add this to wonderful arrangements, stellar guitar playing, clever lyrics and a first rate group of side-men, all roads lead to one great project!”
Tom Tranchilla, KPFT 90.1, Houston, TX

"thank you for making such a fine record..."
Barry Marshall-Everitt, House of Mercy Radio. London UK

"a fantastic duo offering so good songs, wonderful vocals and arrangements ...and there is such a good band behind them ..there is not a weak song on this album so it has been a real headache to select a reasonnable number of songs to be aired..."
Mike the Frenchy, ISA radio, Grenoble France

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